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I-TOUCH │ Cleansing ,Foundation , Massager

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I-TOUCH │ Cleansing ,Foundation , Massager

Cleansing, foundation, massage. Make up devices
Devices applied to the skin to uniform vibrations and the proper intensity, like a massage. And it available anytime, anywhere high-end vibrating digital foundation appliances.


│Characteristics analysis│

>> Normal Type

  • This type of vibration is a way of using a rotating motor
  • This type makes to a tapping motion using a rotating motor. however, because it uses the additional link structures, This type produces large noise and feel uncomfortable.
  • Because it uses the additional links structure, product sizes are large. So portability is not good.
  • Examples are skin problems occurred due to the strong impact.
  • Frequency changes depending on the power pressed on the face. So the makeup results of beginner and expert is different

>> Small Type

  • Using microscopic vibration of the coin motor
  • This type vibration motor used for mobile phones. But this vibration motor is not appropriate for the makeup. Strength is also very weak, less makeup effects

│Digital Cleansing Concept│

  • Products with professional-level effects, without regard to skill
  • Products that have confidence, no noise
  • Distinctive design, Portability, and Profound wonderful-in products

│Digital Cleansing Concept│

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