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SKIN MANAGER PLUS │ Mobile LED & Ion Skin Therapy

  1. Excellent Portability Skin Manager Plus has been carefully designed and developed for portability. It is easy to carry and has strong durability. Its light weight makes it easy to use without straining your arms.
  2. Over 1 month of use (at 5mins in the morning and evening ) Using just 2 AAA batteries, Skin Manager Plus lasts for one month without worrying about changing new batteries.
  3. Simple Design, Simple Operation Without even a power button, Skin Manager Plus is free of any difficult and complicated buttons, Simply grab it and apply it to your skin.
  4. Smooth face, Elastic skin Skin Manager Plus is a Multi-Care product with amazing LED Light Skin Therapy for whitening and reproducing your skin, Iontophoresis and Micro-Vibrating Massage is used for maintaining your face and body.
  5. Promote the effects of functional beauty products Skin Manager Plus boosts the effects of any kinds of cosmetics and functional beauty products.
  6. Waterproofing OK against Wet hands, Dripping toner, Using in the bathroom
  7. Patent Technology Patent application No:10-2012-0111082 Design Patent No: 30-2012-0047559
  8. Product Test Certification A product certified by Korea Testing Laboratory Certification No.12-056539-01~08

│ Specification │

  • Product Name: Mobile LED Multi Care
  • Model Name: Skin Manager Plus
  • Size(mm): 42.5mm x 102.5mm
  • Weight(g_: 68g(including battery)
  • Operating Power: 3.0V(LR03 1.5V AAA x 2)
  • LED wavelength: 660nm(RED)/560nm(GREEN)
  • Iontophoresis: O
  • On/Off method: Non S/W, Moisture Detector
  • Water Resistance(WR): O
  • Vibration: 160Hz

>> Point 01. LED Light Skin Therapy
LED light Skin Therapy is a cure for rejuvenating aging and damaged skin on your face and body. The effect that LED light has on human skin has been researched and developed by NASA, based on the fact that ELD light has an effect on the growth of plants. This therapy is approved by US FDA.

  1. RED Light Therapy (650~660nm)
    LED Red Light is a long wavelength that penetrates deep into the dermis layer of the skin and improves the production of collagen and elastin by stimulating collagen and elastin cells. Collagen production is important for an anti-aging effect. It repairs elasticity of damaged skin by reducing fine lines and wrinkles of skin.

  2. Green Light Therapy (550~575nm)
    LED Green Light rehabilitates damaged skin tone caused by Ultra Violet Rays. The Melanin pigment is the most important factor in treatment of benign pigmented lesions. Green Light helps to lighten hyper-pigmentation spots and improves revealing a brighter complexion by reducing melanin pigment. Green Light brings calm to the surface of the skin and also has anti-inflammatory properties which can help reduce this acne-causing pigment.

>> Point 02. What is Ion Massage?

  • Ion massage is based on the characteristic of a magnet two poles of a magnet draw or repel each other.
  • It controls the flow of ions using the safe low voltage of a Direct Current.
  • When operating Skin manager Plus on your skin, it permeates the cosmetic ingredients deeply into the skin and supplies the skin with the nutrients.

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